WOMEN Tattoos: Inspirational ideas

Foot tattoos for women

The tattoos on the feet are gaining the preference of women! Without a doubt it is a strategic place to tattoo, many girls like to get tattoos with phrases on the side of the foot, others prefer sprigs with more delicate flowers to give a more feminine touch. Try to choose a phrase that you really like or a design that maintains the delicacy and femininity of your feet, the most indicated are tattoos with fine lines.

Elegance and color, all i love

Moon and Sun

He walks with me

Sometimes it’s the simple ones that make people so happy

Female tattoos on shoulder

Female tattoos on the shoulder, most often, have small size. Most women prefer a more delicate tattoo in this body location, as it is a very visible place, especially in the summer where women wear more open dresses and blouses. Many girls enjoy small, harmonic tattoos on their shoulders, the most used are drawings of fairies, stars, butterflies, flowers, among others. Here are some tips for

Chamomile tattoo


ohana means family. family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

Over the shoulder fynbos composition

Feminine tattoos with fine lines

If you prefer those tattoos that have thinner features, I selected several images of delicate tattoos, most of them are only with the outline, which makes the tattoo lighter, cleaner and very delicate. I really like this style. Let’s see some pictures? Look how many amazing tattoos you can get inspired and copy!

Up movie tattoo

True love is hard to find… when you found it… take a good care of it while you still have time

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