WOMEN Tattoos: Inspirational ideas

Tattoos for those who love to travel

Do you know those people who love to travel and see new places? Well, normally these people love to collect memories and stories of moments that they lived visiting different places. How about engraving a piece of that sweet memory on your skin? Look at these tattoo designs below!

Good Trip

Cute travel themed piece

Life in the tropics

Not all who wander are lost.

Delicate feminine tattoos are the favorite of most women. After all, everyone (or almost everyone!) Wants to tattoo their skin, however, many girls opt for small and delicate tattoos so as not to lose their delicacy and femininity. Most women end up opting for tattoos that are smaller in size and have thinner and more delicate features.

Cute elephant tattoo with heart balloons

Minimal colorful bird tattoo

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