Tattoo ideas for Postman Owls of Harry Potter Movies

Post owls, one of the original touches of the Harry Potter Series, sometimes had a very important place in fiction, as in the example of Hedwig. Come to the process of transferring these cute and furry friends, who appear in the most magical moments in the movies, to the big screen, let’s take a look together! And at the end of the article, you’re gonna love the Harry Potter owl tattoo ideas we’ve compiled for you.

But first, in the world of Harry Potter, owls are a magician’s most loyal companion.

At Hogwarts, The Owl Mail allows students to get letters and packages, newspapers and all other necessary items from their homes. For example, in Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone, Neville Longbottom was given a reminder from his grandmother. Throughout the films, Hermione Granger was able to get her newspapers delivered via owls through her newspaper subscription.

Although we know owls as creatures of the night, they can actually hunt at any time of the day, so they can adapt to work during the day. Owls, trained for the Harry Potter series, were accustomed to working during daylight hours, but they could have a nap at times. Apart from a few, those used in the Privet Drive scenes were fake. These birds were either models or computer-made.

Old Wise Owl” is a well-known myth, but owls aren’t really the fastest-learning creatures. Fortunately, they can easily repeat a behavior they’ve learned. Therefore, it was not difficult to restore the birds to their former speed for each movie. Birds responded to the whistling sound used during their training either by turning their heads or flying from point A to B, and they were eventually rewarded.

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That’s how the postman owls of the Harry Potter world were transferred to the cinema. What do you think, great haa?

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