Owl Tattoo For Men: Meaning And Ideas

For today’s article, we will check the meaning of the owl tattoo and see some very interesting inspirations. Animals have always been effective when we deal with tattoos. They are full of meanings and are chosen according to what each represents. No different from them in the owl

Being able to represent different aspects of a person’s life, the owl tattoo usually means wisdom. Focusing now on the above example, we can notice a drawing using only black paint and a wealth of impressive details.

Sovereign in the night, this animal is assigned the ability to see through darkness, seeing what others cannot see. That is, it represents the ability to find a solution to a situation that seems to have no way out, as well as, Hope.

An owl tattoo drawn in detail

Would you have the courage to tattoo your chest?
If the intention is to make a large tattoo, the chest is super enough an area available for it. On this idea, the colorful appeared in the details of the figure.

Owl of Athena

For some ancient peoples, the owl was considered the protector and guardian of the dead. For the Greeks, on the other hand, she was linked to Athena, who is the goddess of wisdom, strategy and justice, and, above all, to the spiritual realm.

Owl of Athena

People choose a tattoo for its characteristics to own them. Therefore, when choosing the owl as a theme, think carefully about the relationship it has with your personality.

Imagine in the future someone asking the reason for choosing the owl for the tattoo. What would you say? These are the questions that need to be answered before drawing a tattoo on your body.

In the Harry Potter saga, owls were used to exchange messages between their owners, since owls are considered the messengers of wizards.

Harry Potter Owl Tattoo

Currently, the tattoo on the hand is on the rise between both sexes. I particularly find it pretty cool, however some care should be taken. Avoid exposing the skin to the intense sun, moisturize and apply a good sunscreen on the tattooed hands.

If the tattoo on the hands is making success, we can state the same with respect to the neck. In this region, the design is fully exposed, being indicated for those who want, in fact, to draw attention.

If you work in more conservative areas, such as law firms or banks, prefer the discreet ones and those that can be hidden under your clothes. Even with many advances in the subject, there are still those who have prejudice, unfortunately.

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