Meaning of Owl Tattoo and the Most Beautiful Tattoo Models

For those who have tattoos, tattoos are not just meant to be ornamental. In fact, they are works of art that symbolize a thought, filled with style. The moment you decide to have a tattoo is when you will leave a permanent mark on your personality. It is very important to choose carefully, because you will carry this tattoo on your body throughout your life.

The most meaningful of the tattoos are animal figure tattoos. Animals occupy a great place in cultural and spiritual beliefs in history, mythology. That is why animal tattoos have been popular for a very long time.

If we come to the owl tattoo, it is among the richest in terms of meaning. Men often prefer more detailed owl tattoos, while Women prefer cute ones. We love owl tattoos of all types and sizes.

Owls are mysterious animals with awe-inspiring beauty. In history, owls were appreciated, respected. Owl tattoo is often chosen because it represents darkness and wisdom.

Owls are often considered mysterious among humans, as they are birds we are accustomed to seeing at night. People who believe that the intuition of the owls, who managed to see even in the mystery of the night, is strong, uses this tattoo.

Tribal Owl Tattoo

According to Native American belief , the owl is seen as a bad omen. It also represents protection from evil.

#1 Tribal Owl Tattoo

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Celtic Owl Tattoo

According to the Celtic belief, the owl protects the souls of the deceased from the dark forces of the universe.

#1 Celtic Owl Tattoo

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Ancient Greek Owl Tattoo

The owls symbolize Athena, the goddess of wisdom knowledge, in the ancient Greek. The owl symbol was believed to give people knowledge and wisdom.

#1 Greek Owl Tattoo

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Owl Tattoo With Key

Since the key represents knowledge, most owl tattoos can be depicted with the key.

#1 Owl Tattoo With Key

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Owl tattoos are both attractive and unique. Men or women of all ages can easily carry this symbol on their bodies. Whether large or minimal it is a tattoo that always an admirable tattoo.

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