Maori Tattoo Ideas for Women and Their Meaning

The maori tattoo is one of the most seen trends in the world of tattoos nowadays, it is easy to find interested in the subject and also a wide variety of drawings and images for inspiration both among men and among women.although it is one of the Great current trends, this type of tattoo is considered one of the oldest in the world.

They bear the name of the Maori, a native people of New Zealand, for whom the designs on the skin were of paramount importance to their society. For the Maori, each drawing was unique and the tattoos made told the life story of the person who carried it on the skin. They represented their position in the tribe, they could also represent their acts of bravery, their family.

The members of that society received the first design as adults and continued to be tattooed even in old age. The most powerful of the tribe, on the other hand, sported the designs even on their faces.

Feminine maori tattoo and meaning

Their tattoos are based on geometric shapes, spirals and curves that fit together, as well as smaller circles that blend together and result in a larger image. The most common designs of this style are masks, turtles, sun, shark, and arrow arrows, but there are a variety of options with

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For the Maori people, the animal represents the family, as well as the qualities of longevity, serenity and resistance.

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Mask or tiki

Mask tattoos were done on the face, to intimidate the enemy since their meaning was related to the gods, tribal dances and invocation of forces.

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The tattoos associated with the gods had a few variations

  • Tiki-tohua: Breeder of birds
  • Tiki-kapakapa: Creator of the fish and the Tui bird.
  • Tiki-auaha: God of Men
  • Tiki-whakaeaea: God of food planted and harvested from the earth.
  • Tiki mana: A God commonly portrayed with eyes closed and full lips, meaning protectors of the family and guides in daily life.


For the Maori, sharks were sacred and respected animals. Full-body tattooed, they were symbols of adaptability, protection and determination to conserve power and autonomy. The Mango Pare – standard shark head, was tattooed to express strength and warrior spirit. Already tattooing only the shark’s teeth means ferocity.

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Whale tail

They act to symbolize protection, sensitivity and strength.

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Also a symbol of protection due to the fact that these animals feed on insects, which for a long time was the only transmitter of diseases. They were also associated with fertility.

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They show that the tattooed person was a warrior. It is directly related to the division of Clans, centered on Warriors, farmers, fishermen and others.

#1 Maori tattoo female arrowhead

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Hei matau

It means abundance and prosperity in the face of the need for survival.

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Spiral circles

They represent life cycles, which can mean both ongoing life and the past and future.

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It symbolizes joy, happiness and prosperity, being very present not only in tattoos but in artifacts of the time.

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