Discreet and feminine tattoo ideas to make on the back of your neck.

The back of the neck is a great “blank canvas” – perfect for delicate and discreet tattoos !.

The nape of the neck is a discrete place in itself – hidden, small and perfect for those who want to get a more delicate and imperceptible tattoo! It has increasingly been the body’s favorite place for small, feminine, and delicate tattoos. Thinking about tattooing the back of your neck? We give you inspiration!

Minimal Mandala Tattoo

The good thing about the tattoo on the back of the neck, for you who don’t want the design to be so exposed, is that it can easily be covered with clothes or hair! We’ve put together discreet and feminine tattoo ideas to make on the back of your neck to inspire you – beautiful, delicate and passionate designs


Minimal Crown Tattoo

Meaning: leadership, Family, power, immortality, legitimacy, Justice, divine inspiration.


Mininal Deer Tattoo

Meaning: good luck, virtue, purity, creation, spirituality, rebirth, nobility, fidelity and innocence.


Minimal Anchor Tattoo

Meaning: firmness, security, conviction, shelter, protection, support, stability and trust.


Minimal Electrocardiogram Tattoo

Are you a very passionate person, who thinks a lot with his heart? Perhaps this electrocardiogram tattoo is perfect for you!


Some Triangle Action

This one for those who like minimalist tattoos! The drawing is delicate, simple, modern and very beautiful.


Infinity Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect to honor what is infinite in your life: like love, family, friendship…

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