6 Tattoo Ideas For on The Arm

You decided to get a tattoo on your arm, but still do not know exactly what? So you’re in the right place, because today we’ve gathered here at pofite a list with 6 men’s tattoo ideas for inspiration. Be patient when deciding, because this design will stay on your body for the rest of your life.

Mythological Figures

Phoenix Tattoo

Mythological figures, like the dragon and the phoenix, are excellent male tattoo ideas, because they yield beautiful designs and offer cool meanings. The phoenix is famous for reborn from the ashes, and the dragon brings prosperity, according to tradition.

Phoenix Tattoo

I really like fantastic creatures, they remind me of my early career in illustration, Fantasy, it’s my hobby, that’s what always pushed me to go further

Dragon Tattoo Manga Style


In addition to having a beautiful spiritual meaning of fullness, mandala tattoos may look great on your arm.

Thinline mandala shape on lower-arm

Greek Mythology

Zeus tattoo arm

Greek mythology is so interesting that, almost 2500 years after the apogee of the nation in antiquity, it still continues to fascinate people. Since they have dozens of Gods, you can choose one that represents an attribute appreciated by you.


Tribal Tattoo

With a millennial history, tribal tattoos have already been used by various civilizations, so you can choose one whose configuration and symbolism most please you. Maori, Indigenous and Celtic tribes are among the most famous.


Since we are talking a lot about symbology, one idea is to go straight to the point and make a symbol right away. There are several cool ones, like the arrow (which means protection), the popular Japanese kanji, nautical objects like anchor (firmness), etc.


Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoo can have various meanings and interpretations. One of them is to remember that life is ephemeral, so we must make the most of every moment.

Before getting any tattoo, it is worth doing a good research on the different meanings of the design, because in general they have more than one. Here in the article we have listed a few, but remember that this ink will stay on your skin forever, so think well.

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